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Practical Information

The pages on the right provide all the practical information you need about GPS day to day. If we have missed something, please get in touch.


Important notes on the variability of conditions in Scotland and what that means for our training program:


1  Cancellations/postponements

We are fortunate to have roadside access from the main A93.  This, combined with the variety of heights and aspects at Glenshee mean we are able to train more often than other groups in Scotland (for example, not a single Sunday was missed between February 2009 and January 2012 for any reason). However, the variability of Scottish winter conditions make cancellations unavoidable at times.

2 You must check our news items for confirmation each week

We will notify you as soon as possible if training is cancelled or otherwise altered. You must check the GPS website each Friday evening to see if training is going ahead as planned. The news pages of the GPS website will be updated each week as soon as conditions allow us to determine with reasonable certainty if training will go ahead that weekend, and certainly by 6pm each Friday at the latest.

We may also contact you by text message on the mobile number you have provided, but we do not guarantee to do this and it is your responsibility to check this website. 

3 Cancelled days are usually carried forward

In the event coaching is cancelled on a given day due to weather, snow or road issues, GPS usually carry the day on to the next available weekend date, our news section will confirm.

If a date is cancelled or abandoned "last minute" (ie anytime after 6pm Friday) due to blocked roads, storms or sudden loss of snow, we will do our best to reschedule but there may be occasions where coaches need to be paid and we cannot therefore guarantee to offer new dates or a full refund. Such occasions will be rare.

4 GPS cannot guarantee dates or offer refunds

We understand that carrying dates forward can cause inconvenience and occasionally means that a trainee cannot attend all the days booked. Unfortunately the variable winter conditions in Scotland make this unavoidable if we are to maintain the best quality of coaching. If we were to make dates completely fixed or offer refunds if trainees could not attend, it would make our groups and syllabus impossible to plan as well as uneconomic. Our commitment is that if you pay for four days coaching, we make four days coaching available to you. If any trg at the end of the season cannot be completed due to snow or weather etc, we will refund the price pro-rata, less a small admin fee that covers finance charges.

5 Please remember GPS is non-profit making 

Please remember GPS is non-profit making. Our coaches are professionals employed to provide the highest standards, but the management of GPS is provided free of charge by our vounteer parents and club members. The variability of conditions make this a challenging task for volunteers. We ask that you have appropriate expectations of what can be achieved. If you have any suggestions for us to do things differently, the commitee will be pleased to hear from you. Best of all, please volunteer your ideas and time to make our program even better!