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What We Do

Whether you have a chosen specialist discipline, or just want to go from good to great on the slopes, we can help.

In snowboarding our groups work both in the Park and on freeride/all mountain skills.

On skis, we have four teams, dependent on your skill level, age and choice of specialism:

  • 1 - All Mountain Entry team - the majority of our skiers are in this team. You will learn to master the whole mountain, with skills developed in racing, freestyle and all-mountain skiing.  Once you have mastered the whole mountain and reached a "pass" level in each of our core syllabus areas you may be ready to select one of our specialist teams in consultation with your coach. If you are new to GPS, you should select this team unless you have extensive competitive experience in one of our specialist areas.

  • 2 - Race team - if speed and gates are your thing, this is your team. Our head race coach, Ronnie Naismith, is the most highly regarded club coach working in Scotland. We provide a pathway to the national alpine teams. The 'Highlander Group' are our Long Term athlete Development (LTAD) athletes aiming to enhance race trainee skill and development hroughout the year.

  • 3 - Freestyle team - GPS has invested over £10,000 in equipment for the dedicated Terrain Park at Butcharts and we are committed to providing the best Freestyle coaching.

  • 4 - All Mountain Advanced team - this group are our all-mountain experts who have mastered the ski area and are now extending their skills in snowsports into the steep and deep of "off-piste", and may be working toward coaching or instructing qualifications themselves. They are equally at home on a race course, in the terrain park or in the powder. 


    Details of the Syllabus for each of our teams can be found on the "Entry and Syllabus" pages of this website. The menu to the right provides further information about the compeitive snowsports scene for racing and freestyle.