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For many this is the ultimate expression of their sport. We actively encourage participation in races and provide coach support on demand at races in Scotland.

However, the process of getting to race needs some explanation, so the following is designed to get you through.



You have to be a registered racer to enter most races.

There are 5 categories relating to age.

U8      Under 8

U10    Ages 8 to 9

U12    Ages 11 to 12

U14    Ages 13 to 14

U16    Ages 14 to 15

U18    Ages 16 to 17

U21    Ages 18 to 21 

SEN    Ages 21 -  30

MAS   as old as you like

U8/10/12 are usually referred to as Bairns, and they compete in non-seeded races. U14/16 compete in Childrens BASS races, and require a Competitors Registration with their Home Nation Governing body - Snowsport Scotland for us. U18/21/SEN and MAS can also compete in most BASS races, unless they are designated as Childrens only. U18 and upwards can also apply for a FIS licence - this is the pathway for committed racers and can lead all the way to the World Cup and Olympics.

Seeding in Scotland is under the British Alpine Seeding System “BASS” for snow races and the British Artificial Seeding System “BARTS” for artificial and snowdome races. You are given a Bass registration number when you join. You do not have seed points when you start but when you complete your first races your seed points become established. The lower your seed points then the better the start position you are given in races. You can check your seed position at www.gbski.com. Certain races require an entry level e.g., the British Children’s Championship usually requires less than 400 seed points.

Bairns do not need to register for races except if they are entering a Barts race (see above).

There is no registration requirement for closed club competitions and interclub competitions.

You must register with your home nation in order to participate in either BASS or BARTS races. Go to www.snowsportscotland.org and then to forms and resources where you can register online or download the application form. It is £35 to register before 26th October and £45 thereafter. If you have more than 1 registration per household then reductions apply.

Please look at the competitions calendar which details the races for the coming season both in Scotland and in Europe. It is your responsibility to enter races in good time – please note there are cut off dates for entry that can be a few weeks before the race.

Details of how to enter Scottish organised races appear in the Snowsport Scotland website and for all other races through the Britski website. Race entry costs are often between £30 and £40 .You will not normally be charged for cancelled races in Scotland.

In Scotland we compete in either Slalom or Giant Slalom competitions.

You can also race in Super G and Downhill on the continent but please speak to your coach about your readiness to enter these.

When a skier becomes a Junior they are entitled to register for a "FIS licence". This is a license to compete in international competitions throughout the world on the "FIS Circuit" -  the first rung of international racing, from which it is possible to qualify for "Continental Cup" and ultimately "World Cup" races. 

You must be registered with your home nation and then have low enough seed points for a full FIS licence which entitles you to enter all FIS races. For athletes born in 1996 females must be below 270 points and males 290 points. Athletes with higher points can apply for a limited licence which allows them to enter all British organised races.

Visit www.gbsnowsport.com and go to FIS licence applications, you will also need a current medical certificate.




This exciting new event has hit Scotland big style and Glenshee, with its natural gullies and undulating landscape, has provided the perfect venue. Aberdeen Snowsports Club seized the initiative and were first to establish this event in Scotland. Ski and Boarder Cross is the perfect fusion of freestyle and racing skills, you need to be fast on the turns and stable in the air!

 You do not need registration to take part, but it is advised to enter in advance.

 We will be working with our groups all season to make sure that we continue to provide winners.