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Entry and Syllabus

Overview of Syllabus, Teams & associated skills

This is a guide to the range of skills a trainee should develop while they are in GPS. It provides a common understanding for trainees, coaches and parents.

The detailed syllabus for each Team can be found in the menu on the right.

  Group Target Ability Mountain Skills Technical Skills Freestyle Racing
Ski school Entry Level: "Controlled" Able to ski on snow in control down a green run, such as Sunnyside Can use button lifts and T-Bars. Has awareness of the skier code. Able to ski plough-parallel or basic parallel None required None required
GPS Entry level
GPSDevelopment Team Green Group: “Parallel” Can ski in parallel down a green run.Can ski blues and reds but not always in parallel or full control Has experience of varied terrain and steeps.  Knows key points of the skier codes. Has an awareness of skiing fundamentals such as balance, posture.  Has an awareness of basic jumps and boxes, backwards skiing, and flatland 180s and 360s Has an awareness of  slalom and GS courses
Blue Group:“Mobile” Can ski in parallel on most runs, and able to choose their own line and speed on greens and blues Can cope with difficult and steep terrain. Knows the Glenshee ski area. Has an awareness of skiing fundamentals control of pressure, edge and control. Can carve a clean turn on blue runs. Can perform basic jumps and boxes, backwards skiing Has been through training slalom and GS courses and has an awareness of basic race technique
GPS Race, Freestyle or Freeride Team Red Group: “Dynamic” Can choose their own line and speed on greens, blues and reds. Able to ski on most difficult and steep terrain. Can ski with balance and control, but may struggle in more difficult or challenging conditions Can gain air and 180s jumps, boxes, backwards skiing in parallel, and has acquired flatland 180s and 360s Has understanding of race technique developed through training and races.
Black Group: “Versatile” Can choose their own speed and line on all runs including blacks and off-piste. Able to ski on any terrain Can ski with balance and control in any conditions Has mastered basic freestyle elements Has acquired fundamental race technique. Has competed in races.


The “Controlled” Group is the entry level to GPS. Children should already be up to this level when they start in a GPS group.

Terminology: “Awareness” means that children understand what they are trying to do but can’t do it all the time. “Practice” means they can usually perform the task but not always when conditions are more challenging. “Acquired” means that they have mastered the skill and can perform it under most conditions.

The key aim of the Groups is to provide consistency and structure in the programme delivered by coaches.  It gives a guide to the groups and it might be expected that there will be a number of groups by each colour i.e. there may be a Green Group 1 and Green Group 2, with groups split approximately by age to provide the best possible social environment.

Children will not be formally assessed against these Groups as doing so could result in too much focus on attaining a certain stage rather than developing their skiing in a fun environment.